A patient hoist, or sometimes know as a mobile hoist, is a mobile mechanical lifting device used for lifting and moving someone from one location to another. Whether that be out of a chair, into a bed, on to a commode or from one room to another, a mobile patient hoist assists in these movements.

This moving & handling equipment is well suited for moving a person who is less abled, due to a disability, illness or injury, that prevents them from moving themselves. With the use of a sling the person is lifted up completely from a sitting or lying position, moved to where they need to go and then lowered back down into a sitting or lying position.

Mobile hoists offer maximum support for both the person being lifted and moved, as well as protecting and safe guarding the carer doing the moving. The aim of using any manual handling equipment, such as a patient hoist, is to reduce the risk of injuries, to the lowest possible level. With the use of a mobile hoist it allows individual to still participate in different daily activities, as well as keeping your home and environment accessible.

Standard Patient Hoist – This patient hoist has an increased lifting capability of up to 180kg, designed for comfort and safety when lifting a person.

Bariatric Patient Hoist – This is a patient hoist has a larger lifting capacity of up to 250kg to cater for the heavier user. This is a sturdy and strong hoist with an impressive lifting range to safely lift and transfer larger patients.

Gantry Patient Hoist – This track hoist offers a lifting and transfer method for those who require an overhead hoist system, but do not want something permanently attached to their wall or ceiling. This gantry hoist has a lifting capacity of up to 200kg.

The Stand Aid Powerlifter – is a lifting hoist for assisting users to standing from a seated position, suitable for users up to 200kg. The Stand Powerlifter is designed to be used in hospital, nursing and care home and domestic environments. It provides security, functionality and outstanding reliability; easy to operate, easy to move and comes equipped with a sling.

Wheel Chair – The Car Transit Wheelchair is crash tested and comes with drop down armrests, swing away detachable footrests, arm pads and rear brakes, with 30cm rear wheels and 20cm front wheels, all with puncture proof tyres. The seat is 40cm deep x 43cm wide.



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