Looking for Stair Lifts in the UK?

If the stairs have become difficult for you, contact us at Martlet Mobility Services. We are a UK based business that install stairlifts throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding area. Our aim is to make life easier around the home for elderly people and help restore mobility and independence. Over time, it can become more difficult to tackle the stairs. This can intrude on your quality of life and really restrict what you can do.

Our stairlifts will stop you from struggling with your stairs

It is easy to feel like you are alone when you are struggling with the stairs. Many of our current customers have suffered and worried about having to move out of their homes because of problems with the stairs. At Martlet we offer practical solutions that will stop the staircase from being a barrier and give you access to more of your home.

Stair Lifts UK

Stairlifts allow people to stay in their home for longer as they get older

We are proud to say we have helped people in the UK keep living in their homes and doing the things they love. Stairlifts can be installed at a fraction of the cost of moving someone out to a care home or special accommodation. After the installation, you will be able to use a chair that glides up and down the stairs with just a push of the button. Imagine living life on your terms and getting to stay in your home longer than you ever thought possible. Stairlifts are a quick and easy way to enhance your mobility and make more of your home accessible.

Stairlifts and homelifts - what is the difference?

Both of these products are helpful for improving your mobility and navigating stairs. Our stairlifts can easily attach to the tread of your stairs, rather than the wall. This makes installation easy and prevents any alteration or damages to the wall. A Homelift is more complicated, and can take a few days instead of a few hours to install.

Practical, efficient home installation for our stairlifts

Our Martlet engineers have a wealth of experience with stairlifts. A standard installation can be completed in just a few hours. When you pay for a Martlet stairlift installation our team will work professionally and efficiently. They will arrive and leave with minimal fuss, leaving it in perfect condition.

New, Used and Reconditioned Options

We believe that no one should struggle with their stairs due to mobility issues. It is important that our customers can meet the cost of a stairlift without breaking the bank. As a result, we try to cater for all budgets with a selection of new, used and reconditioned stairlifts.  We have a variety of straight and curved stair lifts that are under warranty and ready for installation. British industry standards are extremely high in this field and our customers know that we always meet or exceed UK regulations.

Find out more about our stairlifts - contact us today

Has your staircase become an awkward barrier in your house? Have you started to find that the stairs are potentially dangerous to go up and down?  If these things are affecting your quality of life please give us a call and talk to us about your stair lift requirements. Our team are happy to help and can be called directly or contacted through our website.