What does a comprehensive powerchair service include:

  • Testing the batteries and battery charger

  • Checking and testing the motors and visually check the brushes in the motors (where applicable)

  • Checking and testing the electrical components

  • Checking tyres and rims for damage, wear and tear, correct inflation

  • Check the wheel alignment

  • Check chassis frame for damage or corrosion

  • Testing the brakes and suspension

  • Clean, grease and lubrication of all moving parts

  • Checking lights, indicators and controls are working correctly

  • Ensuring steering arm and adjustable seats are set correctly and working properly

  • Checking electrical leads for lose connections or damage

  • Testing console functions

  • Tightening any loose parts, nuts and bolts

  • A full safety check

  • Performing a test drive

All service and repairs come with an invoice and proof of work that has been carried out. You will receive a service sheet so that you can have a service history with your power chair.

Battery Testing and Replacement

Call us to test your batteries and replace if necessary.
We check and test your charger as well as your batteries.


Tyres and Inner tubes

Call us to repair your punctures or replace your tyres.





Broken Down

Call us if you have broken down away from home.  We will come out and take you, along with your mobility scooter, home (must be able to sit in seat at front of vehicle).