What’s LOLER (& PUWER) & Why Are They Important?

In the Care Home / Home environment risk assessments play a crucial role in providing the highest quality of care. This is why it is crucial that Care Homes and other care facilities take health and safety seriously.

To minimise the risk and prevent serious or even fatal accidents from occurring, ensure that equipment is used in a safe way, by providing adequate training to all team members in line with LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) and PUWER (The Provision and Use Of Work Equipment Regulations).

What is LOLER?

This regulation places duties on employers and equipment providers who operate, own or have control over lifting equipment.

These regulations require that lifting equipment, such as patient lifting hoists or patient profiling beds are strong and stable enough for use and marked to indicate safe working loads, are positioned to create minimal risks, are used safely as intended, and are examined and inspected by experts, such as Martlet Mobility Services Ltd, who are trained to ensure that all lifting equipment is assembled correctly and is safe for use.

What is PUWER?

These duties, like LOLER, relate to employers, equipment providers, and operators who use work equipment. In essence, these regulations require that work equipment is right for the job at hand, is able to be used safely by people and is properly maintained so that it remains safe to use.

As a rule of thumb, any equipment that is used in the workplace by an employee attracts the requirements of PUWER. In the health and social care industry, this also includes the equipment that is provided for patient care, wherever this is being used by employees. This includes equipment like bedrails, hoists, and electric profiling beds.

When it comes to using these pieces of equipment safely, the key is to ensure that it is serviced and maintained regularly.

These are services that we offer at Martlet Mobility Services Ltd, to help our customers ensure that the equipment they are using stands up to LOLER and PUWER regulations and is ‘fit for function’.


Let Martlet Mobility Services Ltd take the hassle out of your servicing, maintenance and LOLER needs, keeping your company compliant, along with having well maintained working equipment to assist in the care of your patients.
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