There are many misconceptions about PAT (testing) on what and when testing is required. Basically anything with a 3 pin plug connected to the appliance will require testing. Not everything needs to be tested yearly. Depending on the Classification of the appliances being tested and with the environment it is used in, will determine the length of inspection periods.

Class 1 – yearly All working environments catering environment – 6 monthly These appliances are normally fitted with an earth cable within the cable and connected to the plug top, ie a fridge freezer, kettle, photocopier, microwave oven, shredders, extension leads & IEC (kettle) leads etc

Class 2 – 6 monthly All working environments ​ These appliances are normally hand held, where the item is double insulated and does not have an earth cable connected to the plug top. Hair dryers, desk fans, handheld power tools,

110v site equipment – 3 monthly Due to external harsh environment they are used in Normally yellow in colour, transformers power tools.

Class 3 – Up to 4 Years Unless in a school or used by children – yearly. Unless in a public or used by the general public, such as hotels – yearly. ​ Laptops & power leads, Computers, monitors printers IEC leads etc. ​

     Pricing: £30 for the first 40 items, then 50p per item.

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