What is LOLER?

LOLER is short for Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations are the replacement rules and regulations put in place in 1998. These regulations were put in place by the Health and Safety Executive during this time.

Do I Need to Follow These Regulations?

LOLER is a set of regulations that will apply to all places of work and will outline all of the requirements necessary for examining lifting equipment. This would include all equipment used in a workplace that helps lift and lower loads. It can include the accessories for completing these tasks as well. If a tool, appliance, machine or something else is used to lift and lower a load, the examination of that part needs to be done by LOLER regulations.

What are the LOLER Requirements

All parts and equipment that are used to lift and lower other equipment needs to go through a detailed inspection and examination routinely by someone with the right certifications for the job. The inspector also needs to be impartial and independent to make sure all the parts work properly.

Other requirements for LOLER regulations state that lifting equipment is:

When Should the Testing Be Done?

There are a few times when testing should be done. Some examples include:

How Often Should I Do These LOLER Inspection Tests?

While the above are good outlines of how to do the testing on all of your lifting equipment, there are a few other times you should do the testing to keep your equipment nice and safe. Some examples of this include:

It is important that your business continue with LOLER regulations for all lifting equipment. Doing so will ensure that the equipment stays safe for everyone who uses it and prevents accidents and injuries to those who use the equipment.

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LOLER Inspection