If you are looking to gain more independence and freedom, investing in a Class 3 mobility scooter is the best option. At Martlet Mobility Services, we have a full range of Class 3 mobility scooters, both new and used, to help you get anywhere you want to go.

These scooters have a top speed of 8mph, making them useful on the highway and pavement, they are still not considered a motor vehicle. This means you do not have to worry about taxes and the MOT. However, you still need to register them with the FVLA. But we can handle all the work for this for you.

If you do purchase one of our Class 3 mobility scooters they do have a few restrictions and these include:

You should not drive the scooter on an unrestricted dual carriageways. If you do use this route for some reason, you need to work with the amber flashing lights.

Making the Right Choice – Class 3 Mobility Scooters

At Martlet Mobility Services, we work with our customers to find the right solutions for our customers to enhance their quality of life. All of our staff are experts about these scooters and are happy to find the right scooter for each customer. We take the time to get to know our customers, to see what they are looking for, and then give the best recommendations to help them find the right choice.

While we strive to be accessible to our customers, we also provide an online store with our stock for customers who can’t come in. We are happy to serve you in the way that is most convenient for you.